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A new revenue stream in 5 minutes

Our platform makes it easy for creators and content owners to distribute and monetize their content in the free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) ecosystem.

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After our 5 minutes sign up (it’s that easy), we auto-import your content into our platform. Once your videos have been approved, we schedule them on one of our curated channels. Our monetization engine then adds the most relevant ads and our distribution network syndicates your content to popular FAST services. Best of all, you maintain ownership of your content and continue to grow your brand.

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Studio for CREATORS

With no extra work, your content can be distributed on FAST platforms across millions of connected TVs.

  • We automatically import your content from YouTube.
  • We distribute your content across currated topic-based community FAST channels.
  • We handle advertising and syndication.
  • You keep focusing on creating amazing content.

Our platform gives creators a new way to grow their audience, promote their brand and generate additional revenue!

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It’s never been easier to launch your own channel. We’re an all-in-one platform to help you launch, distribute and monetize your own FAST channel(s). You bring the content and branding, we’ll handle the rest.

  • Content and metadata management
  • Channel creation, scheduling and distribution
  • Channel syndication, monetization and reporting

Stop depending on networks and take matters into your own hands.

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Industry Insight

What is FAST?

FAST stands for “free ad-supported streaming TV.” Essentially, this is streaming live TV without a cable subscription. FAST channels extends the service of traditional TV channels to internet-connected devices, like Connected and Smart TVs.

The most popular FAST services are Pluto TV, Xumo, Tubi, Peacock, The Roku Channel, Freevee and Samsung TV+.

200M+ MAU 200M+ active users watch FAST channels every month.

80% 80% of US households have at least one Connected TV.

103% FAST ecosystem is nascent but rapidly expanding. The number of channels grew 103% over the last year in the US.

25% FAST services are forecasted to account for 25% of the CTV ad spending in 2023.


Our platform has been built from the ground up with FAST distribution in mind. Our architecture allows us to deliver your content securely and reliably 24x7x365.

Content Auto-import

Automatically import your content from YouTube or an MRSS feed.

Smart Content Tags

Classify your content using our powerful tagging system.

Dynamic Bumpers

Generate introductions for your content using our customizable templates.

Overlay logo

Brand your channel using our overlay logo templates.

Smart Scheduling

Our smart algorithm will optimize your channel's schedule for maximum viewership.

Adaptive Bitrate (HLS)

We automatically adjust video quality based on network conditions to improve video streaming over HTTP networks.

Per-title Encoding

We optimize the bitrate used to encode each video to reduce bandwidth requirements.

Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)

We stitch the ads directly into the streams to provide a seamless transition between content and ads.

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